Rough, red bumps on the top of arms and thighs is a common skin complaint that is often due to a skin condition known as Keratosis Pillaris (KP).

These unsightly bumps are formed by an over production of keratin, a protein formed by the skin which causes the pores to become plugged and appear similar to chicken skin. The exact cause of the condition is not known by dermatologists. Despite the unknown cause, a number of effective solutions exist to combat the symptoms of this complaint and reveal smoother more attractive skin.

Weather conditions including dry climates often exacerbate Keratosis Pillaris symptoms. For this reason, it is especially important to keep the skin hydrated at all times. During winter it is vital to use a good quality moisturiser after bathing to lock moisture into your skin. Another step in smoothing the bumps is to use a good quality acid based exfoliant such as ASAP’s Revitalising Body Scrub with AHA.

Two main types of exfoliants exist, physical and chemical. Physical exfoliants use abrasive ingredients to encourage the removal of dead skin by sloughing it off. Chemical exfoliants contain granules like regular body scrub. However, they also contain active ingredients called alpha hydroxy acids. These strong and effective (yet naturally derived fruit acids) stimulate the removal of dead layers of skin and promote cell renewal, skin softness and clarity. It is important to avoid using scrubs containing harsh abrasives like walnut shells, apricot seeds, or salt. These  can scratch your skin and make KP bumps more red and angry-looking.

Respect Cosmetic Medicine and Beauty is a stockist of asap (Australian Skin Active Products) which is an Australian skincare icon, developed by top dermatologists in Queensland. The company specialises in providing fast acting, effective and affordable products.

At Respect we believe that beautiful, glowing skin is an achievable goal for everyone provided they receive the right advice and product recommendations. We offer complimentary Skin Analysis Consultations with our experienced Dermal Aestheticians in our Regent Arcade Clinic.

Addressing your skin concerns is our foremost priority. In addition, we offer Diamond Microdermabrasion to lift dead skin cells and brighten the skin tone and improve its texture. We also have solutions for acne, pigmentation and disperse visible capillaries (redness). In some cases, topical prescription medicines may be recommended by our cosmetic physicians to treat more severe skin concerns.

Contact reception today on 8223 2282 to book a free Skin Analysis Consultation. Our caring team look forward to supporting you in your journey to achieve the beautiful skin you have always desired.

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