For centuries the lips have been a marker of beauty. We like to define them with liner, colour them with gloss and lipstick, and enhance their size with liners and plumping agents. Did you know that during the depression lipstick sales were at their highest!

As we age, some of these beauty markers are lost:

  • The lips thin and lose volume
  • The lips may become ill defined
  • Fine lines may develop around the lips and disrupt the border
  • The v-shaped area in the centre of the lips known as the cupids bow flattens out
  • The corners of the mouth may turn down into a ‘frown’
  • Volume may also be lost in the area surrounding the lips, known as the marionette area

Lip fillers can restore the natural shape, size and volume to the lips. Whether it be improved lip texture and hydration, softening and filling of lines and folds around the mouth, strengthening and sharpening of the lip border; plumping and giving fullness to the lips – all of this can be achieved with lip fillers.

We can work on most lip types from the young and youthful, to mature and stylish. Many men also choose lip enhancement at Respect.