The Truth about “Botox Parties”

Our business does not endorse or perform any type of “Botox Party”. This is a question we are sometimes asked. Botulinum toxin is a scheduled medication which can only be legally injected by a registered medical doctor or registered nurse under the supervision of a doctor.

Botulinum toxin is a very powerful and effective muscle relaxant medication which is used for many medical purposes including treating some patients with stroke, migraines, bladder and other muscle spasm disorders. In the correct doses and using carefully placed injections, it can produce very effective results in the facial muscles reducing and preventing wrinkles.

At Respect Beauty and Cosmetic Medicine, we believe every patient deserves an individualised approach including an opportunity to be properly assessed before treatment. This assessment includes taking full medical history, an examination and facial movement analysis. This process of assessment and consent would not be possible in a social situation where alcohol or enticement by others may be an influence. Like all medical procedures, Botox injections need to be performed in a sterile, clinical environment which allows the patient and doctor sufficient time and privacy to establish the best treatment options to the patients concerns.

Further, we utilise advanced injecting techniques in our mission to achieve the optimum (and most naturally beautiful) outcome for our clients.

So, if you hear about “Botox Parties” or deals that sound too good to be true, they may well be. Always think seriously about  medical treatments and treat your face with the Respect that it deserves.