What’s the difference between Cosmetic Medicine and Plastic Surgery?

  • The terms Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Medicine are often used interchangeably but they are quite different.

  • Cosmetic Medicine little or no down time and anyone can consider a procedure.

  • At Respect, we are experts in our field and we pride ourselves around the care for our patients when it comes to Cosmetic Medicine.

Whilst the terms, may have similar goals for some procedures, the processes themselves and associated costs are very different.

What is Cosmetic Medicine or Cosmetic Surgery? 

Cosmetic medicine and cosmetic surgery are surgeries that are ‘non-essential’ and undertaken for aesthetic reasons rather than essential reasons (some of which we will cover later in this article). Anyone who wants a cosmetic procedure performed can do so.

Some examples of cosmetic surgery that we provide include:

The procedures that we offer do not require surgery. However, they still need to be performed by a qualified Nurse Injector or Cosmetic Doctor. As with any medical procedure, it should not be taken lightly and that is why we recommend getting in touch and consulting with Dr Harry or Nurse Amani to have a consultation so that you are fully aware of what’s involved and how we can assess your situation to help you achieve your goals.

What is Plastic Surgery? 

Plastic surgery is an essential surgery because it is carried out on those who have suffered a birth defect or may have a disfiguration after an accident or even other surgery. Some examples of plastic surgery include:

Facial Plastic Surgery 

Facial plastic surgery reshapes structures in the head and neck. Patients that undergo this type of surgery typically have work done on their nose, chin, cheekbones and ears. Facial plastic surgery can be undertaken to correct and improve these disfigurations or some may choose plastic surgery to reverse the signs of ageing.

Plastic surgery usually focuses on the construction or reconstruction and moulding of the body as well as cosmetic enhancements.

There are many benefits to both plastic surgery and cosmetic medicine. For many of our new and regular clients, we often find that their cosmetic goals can be achieved with cosmetic medicine.

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