Cellex-C® is the original product in what is now a large category of vitamin C based cosmeceuticals.

cellex c bottleCellex-C® was first introduced in 1991 when the notion of vitamin C replenishment was revolutionary. Now there are a host of Cellex-C® copies, however, Cellex-C® remains unique in that its exclusive Patented Complex ensures the precise formulation that utilises the ingredients necessary to support the skin enhancing properties stimulated by vitamin C.

In simple terms this means the formula in Cellex-C® is known to be the most efficient way of getting vitamin C into the skin in sufficient amounts to bring about change. This system is only found in Cellex-C® products.

Vitamin C in the form of L-ascorbic acid is the one vitamin that doctors and dermatologists agree plays a key role in stimulating the skin to make collagen. It is loss of collagen that causes the sagging and wrinkling of the skin so by encouraging its production, Cellex-C® enables skin to remain firmer, fresher and younger in appearance.

The effectiveness of Cellex-C® to support collagen production and help prevent the development of many of the signs of premature aging brought about by the sun, has been proven through truly independent and scientific tests, another unique feature of Cellex-C® skincare.

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