Why is It So Hard to Find Botox in Adelaide?

  • Botox is a Medical brand (like dermal fillers) which cannot be advertised in Australia

  • Consultation with a Medical doctor first, is the only way to get Botox


Botox seems such a common word when it comes to cosmetic medicine especially when watching shows or reading news articles online. If your interest has peaked and you are trying to learn more, you may have noticed that when searching for ‘Botox’ or ‘Botox in Adelaide’ that it seems non-existent.

To understand why Botox is so hard to find when searching, we need to understand what Botox is. 

Did you know that Botox is a brand name?

It’s so common to hear phrases like “Botox parties” or “Getting Botox done” often on TV or from influencers but did you know that Botox is a brand name?

Much like how we don’t ask for ‘paracetamol’, we simply ask for ‘Panadol’. Also, we do not ask for ibuprofen instead we say, ‘Tylenol’, ‘Nurofen’ or ‘Advil’ for which is so commonly used when we have a cold or flu.

What Is Botox?

Apart from being a brand name, Botox is the commonly used term for Botulinum toxin. For cosmetic purposes, it is purified and reduced in strength so that its main objective is to “soften wrinkles”.

Why is Botox so hard to find?

In Australia, Botox is a product that cannot be advertised to consumers under the Therapeutic Goods Act 1989. In fact, most injections for cosmetic use cannot be advertised as prescription medicines as they are considered high risk and an assessment of the patient by a Medical Doctor is required before use.

The Importance of Consulting with Qualified Medical Professionals

As with any medicinal product, there are risks associated. Medical professionals have not only studied trained and have experience with the products, they also consult with their patients to understand the potential risks and rewards before proceeding with treatments.

Cosmetic Injections

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If you want to know more about finding a good cosmetic injector, please read below where we have talked about ‘What makes a good cosmetic injector?’.

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