• Finding your cosmetic injector can be overwhelming

  • Make sure your cosmetic injector is fully qualified and experienced

  • Have a consultation and learn what’s best for you

If you’re in the market for some work done in cosmetic medicine, you will know how overwhelming it can be to find the right cosmetic injector for you.


What is a Cosmetic Injector?

A cosmetic injector is a medical health care professional (Doctor or Nurse) who has  undertaken further certifications to provide aesthetic and cosmetic services and care.

Ask About Qualifications & Experiences

Even though it is expected that the cosmetic injector is a registered nurse or doctor , it never hurts to ask questions about the injectors qualifications and experience. Ask about how long they’ve been injecting for or even how often.


You know how they say doctors are the worst at giving needles, even though they are the ones that are qualified? That’s because it’s often the nurses that regularly perform the task. That’s the same with cosmetic injectors. Those who perform the treatment regularly are most likely to give you the best experience.


Check Out The Practice

Like any medical doctor’s practice , cosmetic treatments are true medical treatments and the practice should reflect this. Organisation and cleanliness are of utmost importance as well as the safe storage of the dermal fillers to ensure you are treated in a safe environment with the best and safest products.


You Get What You Pay For

Ever hear about those horror stories of botched jobs or unexpected bad outcomes? This is. We have been injecting in our Regent Arcade premises for over 15 years! For pricing, we are highly competitive but just a friendly reminder too that you get what you pay for. Don’t forget you’re not just paying for a filler product, you’re paying for a quality filler product injected by a professional in a clean and sterile environment for your own health and safety.


Have you met Amani?

At Respect, simply being a qualified cosmetic injector isn’t good enough. Amani sets the bar when it comes to cosmetic injectors. Not only is she great at her job with a personality that our new and regular customers love, she has over 15 years of experience and is knowledgeable in all aspects of skin rejuvenation so you can talk to her about more than dermal fillers.


Don’t Be Shy, Get In Touch!

If you’re in Adelaide, give us a call today or contact us through the website today!



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