Yon-Ka Paris®

Since the 1950’s Yon-Ka has offered a holistic approach to personalising skin treatments.

Yon-Ka Paris was founded in 1957 by two French scientists, Charles and Ernest Multaler, who were passionately interested in botany. Their skincare range was built on passion, for all things natural. The Multaler brothers believed in the leading power of ‘solar-charged natural nectars’ to revitalise and energise the skin.

Yon-Ka Paris uses not only the fragrant part of the plant, its revitalising essential oil charged with solar energy, but all of the complementary ingredients contained in plant and marine extracts: vitamins, trace elements, fruit acids, etc, so that your skin can benefit from all that the plant world has to offer.

By tailoring products to your skins needs, Respect Cosmetic Medicine and Beauty can provide Yon-Ka Paris skin care treatments that target your specific problems while refreshing and supporting your daily skin care needs. Yon-Ka Paris is a range that provides the “Alchemy of Pure Wellness” combined with a promise of tangible results from the very first treatment.


Yon-Ka Paris products and treatment are only available through accredited clinics and spas. To know more about Yon-Ka Paris products, you can call us on (08) 223 2282 or contact us online.

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